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When it comes to selling homes in a short time and for top dollar, Paul Sandiford is the Realtor for you. With my degree in marketing, my never tiring work ethic, my 17 point marketing plan, and my 55-day average listing time, you have what it takes in a Realtor to sell houses.

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Paul Sandiford's 17 Point
Action Marketing Plan

Most agents agents will try and dazzle you with 20-30 things they say they do to sell your home. In reality, putting your home in the MLS, holding an occasional open house and placing an occasional ad is about the extent an agent will go to in their marketing of your home. The reason they try and convince you these things will sell your home is simple; they don't want to really WORK to get it sold. They want their broker to bear all the expense in exposing your listing and they have little or no investment in you and your property. Including their time. Most agents sit around waiting for a buyer to call or come over. This is called Passive Marketing.

I offer you my market plan. I believe in WORKING to get your home sold. You are paying me a lot of money in commission to work, not to just sit around. You deserve more than just a sign in your yard and an occasional ad. My staff and I prospect on the telephone and/or door-to-door everyday, actively calling over 300 people a day. Please ask any agent you interview to provide you with their daily schedule and their assistants. Ask them how many potential buyers do they talk to everyday.

The following is my "Action Plan" and promise to you:

  1. Personally call and prospect for a buyer for your home, 5 days per week, 2 -3 hours per day, looking for potential buyers.

  2. My assistant phone calling, faxing or emailing while looking for potential buyers on my listed properties, 5 days per week, 3 - 5 hours per day. Over 200 potential buyers called every week.

  3. Enter your property into the Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service, which covers all of Duval and St. Johnís County. Exposes Property to over 6000 agents and many, many more buyers.
  4. Submit a copy of your listing to our company sales staff, each already working with buyers.

  5. Place our Stockton Realty Group sign on your property and a lockbox for easy access.
    * Make all appointments through my office and notify you in advance.

  6. Video tape your home so Stockton Realty agents and any homebuyers can "preview" your home in my office and on the Internet in 360° virtual tour technology. This video will be available on up to seven different websites with an average ranking of #7 on the top twenty search engines.

  7. Develop and place Home Highlight sheets in your home so buyers can remember yours; also distribute these sheets to area real estate companies weekly and into neighborhoods where your buyer may come from. These include a photo on each one.

  8. Advertise in the Homes & Land Magazine and The Times-Union, Shorelines, the Beaches Leader, and the Ponte Vedra Recorder periodically.

  9. Advertise regularly on the Real Estate channel and on my 24-hour a day "Talking House".

  10. Promote your home at our weekly Board of Realtors meetings creating maximum exposure to other agents and companies.

  11. Email or Fax a copy of your listing to the TOP 100 agents in the Jacksonville area.
    These are the agents that are selling homes, thus, creating even more exposure.

  12. Follow up on all showings and report to you what the buyers and agents are saying.

  13. Pre-Qualify all potential buyers before presenting an offer. This includes TRW credit check.

  14. Submit your home to our Stockton Realty Group Relocation Department for any potential out-of-town buyers. Also, to my personal network of over 2500 agents throughout the United States.

  15. Represent and negotiate for you on all contracts presented making sure all details in the contract are covered and your interests are protected.

  16. Handle all the follow up and paperwork after you accept a purchase agreement making sure all aspects of the transaction are handled smooth and efficiently.

  17. Set up closing with title and mortgage companies and notify you and all parties.

    ** You can only get results with an aggressive agent backed by an
    ACTION Marketing Plan.

    Paul Sandiford, Realtor / Associate


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