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spacer.gif (55 bytes)The purchase of a home is one of your largest investments, and I want to ensure your complete satisfaction. I know areas and conditions vary; therefore I know the market and can share this knowledge and expertise with you. One of the options you may consider is Single Agency. I can work for you and represent you while still being paid by the seller's transaction. Here's how it works:

spacer.gif (55 bytes)When an agent exclusively represents a buyer, the agent owes all the fiduciary duties to the buyer and not the seller. The buyer has the freedom to discuss the value of the property, negotiate strategies and discuss personal finances with the agent. The buyer can obtain the opinion and advice of the agent concerning the condition of the property, the structure of the offer, the seller's motivation for selling and other information that a seller's agent cannot provide. Through Single Agency I handle the whole process through closing, which includes the following:

  • Making An Informed Decision

I will listen carefully to your likes and dislikes and help you make an informed decision on the selection of the property.

  • Making The Offer

I will explain every paragraph in the purchase agreement to you, write up the offer, and present it.

  • Obtaining Financing

I find people are usually a little concerned about getting a new loan. I can have you sit down with a qualified loan person and get your questions and concerns answered promptly.

  • Your Rights As A Purchaser

I will identify all of your rights including two different inspections, under the purchase agreement.

  • Inspection Process

I recommend that you hire a professional home inspector and have a W.D.O. (Wood Destroying Organism) inspection performed. The inspector will usually make the experience an educational opportunity, sharing with you information about home maintenance. The inspection does not indicate or confirm that the resale property is in new condition, but rather raises a red flag for problems that may need to be addressed.

  • Selecting A Title Company or Closing Attorney

I've worked with numerous title companies and attorneys in the area. I will be able to will help you select one that will ensure a timely and satisfactory closing.

  • Home Warranty

We'll request a home warranty for you to be paid by the seller. This will help protect your home for a period of one year from costly repair and replacement of majored covered systems and appliances.

  • Pre-Settlement Walk Through

Two days prior to closing, you will have the opportunity to walk through the property to verify that the requested repairs have been preformed and that the property has been properly maintained.

  • The Closing

That's the easy part. HAPPY HOMECOMING!

spacer.gif (55 bytes)There are a lot of benefits to using a Realtor. We pride ourselves in having placed many happy families in new homes. May I help you find one too? Complete the form below to receive FREE specific information about homes that may fit your needs and wants in Duval or St. John's county:

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Revised: March 01, 2010.


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